10000 STRONG has been a project in the making for some time now. The conceptualisation of the idea came about when the founders and managing directors of the Affinity Group, Andrew Portmann and Ryan Hartslief, decided that they were going to create a company offering innovative and value-added services that generated authentic trust, built on ethics, consistency, and quality. The Affinity Group is a company compromised of entities that service a range of local and global industries.

Through this genuine care and passion for people in the workspace, Ryan and Andrew introduced the vision and ultimate goal into the ethos of the Affinity Group to provide over 10,000 South Africans with sustainable employment opportunities.

This vision of providing 10,000 employment opportunities, birthed the idea of #10000Strong, a Non-Profit Organisation, parented by the Affinity Group. Beyond the space of the office, the duo realised that there was more opportunity for employment and development, which could contribute to the greater good of the company. 

In order to get the ball rolling on where 10000 STRONG could initially plant its roots, we sought the guidance of Trish and Gunter Volker, a couple who run New Creations Equipping, a non-profit company. Trish and Gunter are missionaries and life coaches who then introduced 10000 STRONG to the wonderful community of KwaNgcolosi, near the Inanda dam, where they have been involved and operating for many years.

This brings us to where 10000 STRONG is today. A registered Non-Profit Company, which currently functions in the KwaNgcolosi community. 10000 STRONG is currently partnering with and operating within the under-resourced schools of the community and actively working on providing for their needs. 10000 STRONG will always prioritise the empowerment of local community members and seek opportunities to provide employment within the community when undertaking any projects and addressing needs.

As we grow and collaborate with different entities, 10000 STRONG plans to expand into different communities and spaces, where there is a need for developmental support and assistance. We are so humbled by the opportunity that we have to make a difference and we cannot wait to see where this journey of empowerment and collaboration leads to!


Rianka van Antwerpen


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