Poverty and unemployment are two social challenges which are faced by many communities in South Africa. As a result of Covid-19, these issues have worsened. In response to the rise in severity of these challenges, 10000 STRONG has started looking for ways in which to address hunger and job-loss. Vegetable gardens are a great way of tackling these challenges as the vegetable produce can be both consumed and sold.

Sustainability is a core value of 10000 STRONG. We have the goal of seeing beneficiary empowerment and ownership over each project which is implemented. Therefore, we have ensured that the transfer of information takes place with the implementation of projects.

 Our first veggie corner was established at the Community Build Durban Study Center in Embo. A small, raised bed, veggie garden was put together by 10000 STRONG, Community Build Durban and interns attending the center. A presentation and discussion on starting a vegetable garden and looking after it was had, along with the transfer of information. Thereafter the team started the afternoon of gardening and enjoyed planting a bunch of wonderful veggie seeds and seedlings, such as lettuce, cabbage, brinjal, carrots and baby spinach.

 A donation of vegetable seeds, seedlings and fertilizer was also made to neighbouring community members, so that they could start their own veggie gardens.

We hope that this will be the start of many vegetable gardens in these communities and that the local community members will be able to benefit from using the produce or selling it for an income.


Rianka van Antwerpen

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