About Us

10000 STRONG is an initiative that aims to provide 10000 sustainable employment opportunities in South Africa.

10000 STRONG is a Durban-based organization and a division of the Affinity Group.

We assist in facilitating an adequate and productive schooling environment within communities by establishing sustainable projects and partnering with core community members and other business entities.

We believe that equipping school children with appropriate facilities and resources is instrumental in contributing to successful learning outcomes.

10000 STRONG follows the journey of school-going children from primary school through to high school by partnering with under-resourced schools. We provide financial support, improve learning facilities, and create opportunities and skills training to learners and local community members.

We are passionate about community collaboration and participation in each of our projects and believe in the empowerment of beneficiaries.

At the end of their schooling career, 10000 STRONG aims to help Grade 12 learners to be prepared for the workplace as adequately as possible, as well as assisting in the creation of sustainable employment opportunities.


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We supply Section18A Certificates, which are issued as proof of a donation and
allows taxpayers to claim a tax deduction from SARS.

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