10000Strong | Small Business Contracting Initiative (SBCI)
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Small Business Contracting Initiative (SBCI)


Investment constantly flows through our city for infrastructure and development. Just as important as building roads and bridges, we must provide opportunity for our small businesses to grow and flourish.


We support small, veteran, minority, and women-owned businesses by communicating and working closely with local officials and community partners. We are creating a clear pathway, educating businesses, and connecting businesses directly to opportunity. Last, we have businesses give back to the community, paying it forward for others.

This effort is a community movement supported by local associations, faith-based organizations, and veteran supporting organizations; we continue to grow everyday.





Collaborate with the Community

Advocate on behalf of small, veteran, minority, and women-owned businesses

Strengthen small businesses by providing contracting education and opportunity

Support our youth by funding illiteracy and career readiness programs

Paying it FORWARD!


  1. We provide the basis for helping small businesses understand how to navigate the system, what certifications are required, and how to aquire them.
  2. We work alongside organizations issuing the bonds, helping them to better their practice of breaking down bonds small enough for small businesses to compete.
  3. Once we help a business obtain the job opportunity, we ask that they make a donation back into the system to fight against illiteracy and pay for tuition that supports job readiness and opportunity for our youth.


In an effort to support community development and break the cycle of poverty and truly develop our community, we must support education and provide opportunity. Through helping small businesses and giving back, anything and everything is possible when we work together.


Please contact us to learn more about the SBBI and how you can become a partner.

How Can I Join the #10000Strong Movement?



Corporations, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and others



Our rock-solid business model validates our commitment to serve



Volunteers, community advisers, advocates, and supporters