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#10000Strong is a for-profit company focused on bringing communities together through building trusted relationships between military members, veterans, first responders and their families with the supporting communities that host them.  Our unique business model, enabled by technology, creates value through leading collaboration, building these trusted relationships through commerce and employment, and exploring ways to support common goals within the community.


Initially intended to serve the greater San Antonio area and surrounding communities, #10000Strong will grow to other major ares in the United States where large military and veteran populations exist.  Building #10000Strong enclaves around the country will focus on trusted relationship building within each community, with a “village” mindset at each location.  Scale to growth potential is enormous.

Why a “village?”  In our world, community members care for each other, know each other, respect each other, and trust each other in a way that makes us all better people.  That requires a village.  Today less than one percent of our population ever serves in the military.  Relationships built upon true understanding become difficult, made more distant through poor use of technology and social media as a replacement for getting to know someone.


We see a community wanting to reach out to the military and veteran populations, as well as strengthen communication with our first responders, in a more meaningful way.  We see a highly transient military population relying on word of mouth, referral-style approaches to shopping in the local area.  All are focused on participating in their village.


#10000Strong is a “for-the-better-good” company.