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#10000Strong Team

Jeff Kendall

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, #10000Strong. Jeff’s broad experience continues to influence his drive to connect veterans and military families to purposeful and productive lives. Originally growing up as a US Navy brat, Jeff continued to value the benefits of strong military family support for the next 31+ years of active duty US Air Force life, finally transitioning to the private sector as a retired Brigadier General.  Jeff honed his skills as a positive change agent, leading others through chaos under the stresses of combat, generating international solutions through diversity, and creating successful, high-performance teams. Recognizing the importance of bringing communities together through trusted relationships, Jeff cofounded #10000Strong with the express purpose of serving those who serve–an important way of giving back. Jeffrey@10000Strong.org

Mark Palmros

Chief Technology Officer & Founder,#10000Strong. Mark continuously shares his passion for “Serving Those Who Serve.”  His focus on creating information conduits evolves from his eclectic technology, economics, and business background.  With more than a decade successfully managing and later owning/operating digital-based companies, he realized a need to improve support for military, first responders, veterans, and families.  Comprehending the significance of computer networks, Mark used that concept to develop the myKlick Mobile App to serve as a conduit between individuals and community-wide organizations.  Seeing an opportunity to facilitate greater results, he created #10000Strong.  Collaborating with 10000 businesses, Champions, and community supporters his mutually beneficial vision of “Serving Those Who Serve” while increasing city-wide interaction is reality. Mark@10000Strong.org

Jeannette Robinson

Vice President of Corporate Development & Events and Co-Founder, #10000Strong.  Jeannette’s energy, insight, creativity, and “Yes, we can” perspective are driving forces behind #10000Strong’s growth and success.  Her breadth of experience in business development, volunteering, developing and leading teams, staffing and recruiting, advertising and marketing, and consulting emulate the collaborative perspective of the #10000Strong mission.  Leveraging her multifaceted skill-set, Jeannette’s strategic planning and dynamic approach to creating business opportunities not only meets but continuously exceeds expectations.  Since joining #10000Strong in June 2016, the diversification of our partnerships as well as types of initiatives and services have significantly developed.  Her focus on “serving those who serve,” learning about our community partners, and creating opportunities provides a solid foundation for the #10000Strong future. Jeannette@10000Strong.org

Stephanie Banks

Director, Collaborative Relations & Development, #10000STRONG.  Stephanie’s passion is directly translated through her commitment to building and transforming relationships through vital, strategic partnerships. Her professional standard is uniquely paired with pinpoint leadership, as well as a contagious and charismatic energy and focus; fully complimenting #10000Strong’s commitment to growth and success.


Her father’s 20+ year U.S. Army career example, nurtured her abilities to dynamically adapt to real time client needs and expectations. As an operations facilitator; she has earned the respect of executive process and business managers, and her credentials have been directly instrumental in the awarding of contracts of more than $100M in DOD contracts. While maintaining a successful professional career, she continues to serve those who serve by leading Key Spouse and & Family Readiness Programs as well as bringing organizational leadership principles to various events and fundraisers teams


Since joining #10000STRONG in September 2016, Stephanie’s business development mindset, leadership & unique concentrations in strategic planning, marketing and fundraising have quickly resulted in several key partnerships for the organization. Stephanie@10000Strong.org


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