10000Strong | #10000Strong Vision
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#10000Strong Vision

About Us

About #10000Strong

#10000Strong was created with the purpose of serving those who serve and protect others in their communities.


Our Vision

Cultivate and establish trusted relationships between military members, veterans, first responders and their families and the supporting community as a “village.”


Our Mission

Lead collaboration efforts within the community.


Enabled by key technology, and using our network of team members, partners and champions, we provide a trusted relationships between military members, veterans, first responders and their families and the supporting community.


Our Goal

Expand our local “village” community network to include 10,000 trusted businesses that stand together as 10000Strong.


What We Do

SHARE:  Facilitate open communication within and external to the #10000Strong family.  Create opportunities for military, first responders, veterans, and families to share their experiences, struggles, and success through storytelling, photography, and video.  We also welcome insight from our #10000Strong network in serving those we serve succeed when transitioning from their “uniformed” to a new way of life.


CREATE:  Partnerships, programs, technology, and other initiatives and services to build and reinforce relationships.  Creating transition and employment preparation opportunities for military, first responders, veterans, and families improves work-life balance and strengthens the community economy.  Creating multi-organizational, city-wide collaboration opportunities while serving those who serve strengthens community resilience and cohesion.


PROVIDE:  An open communication forum for creativity, innovation, employment opportunities, and connectivity.  Effectively serving those we serve and their diverse backgrounds, we provide support through face-to-face discussions, telephone and Skype calls, and email.  Our robust technology hallmarks are the myKlick mobile app and iServed employment initiatives.

10k Strong is C.O.O.L. COMMUNITY ON OUR LEVEL! -Ruben Villareal
10000Strong's tireless dedication to 1st responders and military family members has been a crucial part of their mission. Their emphasis on going above and beyond to make a difference for our men and women in our armed forces is unparalleled. -Stephanie Flagherty
10000Strong's efforts not only show great support for the community, but also does a great job amplifying the voice of our veterans and active duty family needs. -Robert Campbell
10000Strong, without question, is the first and only option for any Vet and small business looking to network and grow. -Elliot Paulk


How Can I Join the #10000Strong Movement?



Corporations, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and others



Our rock-solid business model validates our commitment to serve



Volunteers, community advisers, advocates, and supporters